Premium decoration for your space

Premium flower delivery
Leave a request and we will give you a 10% discount
The flower room is several luxurious compositions in the style of Flectis in one set. Do you want to literally surround your loved one with attention? You are on the right track!
Flowers Room

Choose size
  • Premium - 10 box flowers(XL size) +10 bouquets (XL size) +1 Basket flowers (gigant size)
  • VIP-10 box flowers(L size) +10 bouquets (L size) +1 Basket flowers (XL size)
  • Platinum -5 box flowers(XL size) + 5 bouquets (XL size) +1 Basket flowers (gigant size)
  • Premier -5 box flowers(L size) + 5 bouquets (L size)+1 Basket flowers (XL size)
  • Gold -3 box flowers(L size) + 3 bouquets (L size) +1 Basket flowers (L size)
  • Silver -3 box flowers(M size) + 3 bouquets (M size) +1 Basket flowers (M size)

What is a premium service?

100% guarantee
Either the best flowers or nothing
Only in the premium category, our couriers in a tuxedo and with a chic perfume
Delivery to the minute 24 hours 7 days a week
Photo and SMS reporting on every step
We appreciate your time
Minimum waiting time for checkout, 24/7 support, multiple communication options
The client's desire is the law
In addition, we will buy anything, from sweets in a particular store to the purchase and delivery of complex or bulky equipment
Photo-video shooting
During the presentation of a gift, the first emotions are important and, if desired, this moment will remain with you forever.
Design and concept
Flowers in a strict concept, huge sizes, the longest, most unusual flowers
Bouquets available for urgent delivery
Leave a request for express delivery. Perfect, individual bouquets.
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