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Rose flower bouquet in Dubai

Many people call roses the cliché, but they actually work. Getting a bouquet of roses is one of the most timeless gifts you can give or receive. It comes in many beautiful colours: red, yellow, white, pink, and so on. With such variety, you may wonder which flower depicts the right message you are trying to pass across.
Whether happy or sorry, a rose flower can be an excellent gift for your loved ones if sent the right way. To help you navigate making the best buying decision,, an online flower service, streamline buying and delivering flowers to friends and family in Dubai. All you have to do is place an order, and we will creatively handle everything for you, from flower arrangement to delivery. Get your loved one a rose today and put a smile on their face.

When to gift a Rose bouquet?

Did you also know that the number of roses in a bouquet carries a special meaning? Also, there is a special occasion where getting a rose is ideal. Below are typical examples of times when it makes so much sense to gift a bouquet of roses.
First date
One of the best times to give a bouquet of roses is when you are on a date. If it's your first date, shopping for a flower for your date sets the correct premise that you are a thoughtful person. And getting a red rose on a first date is like icing on the cake. Typically, aim for a bouquet of a dozen roses or more. A bouquet of 12 roses can also mean "be mine," or you can go as high as two dozen to send the message "I'm yours."
Wedding anniversary
Roses are known as a flower of love and can be a great gift idea for wedding anniversaries. A bouquet of roses always goes a long way as long as it's a time of celebrating love. The best part about gifting roses for anniversaries is that the anniversary doesn't necessarily need to be yours.
A bouquet of pink roses will stand out more if the couple is newly wedded. But note that the longer the number of years the marriage has lasted, the more roses you should get in the bouquet.
While roses are often depicted as romantic flowers, you could also use them to celebrate the love between two good friends. So, if you know anyone graduating or recently got a promotion, gifting them a bouquet of yellow roses is one way to celebrate them. Yellow roses are joyous and befitting for such moments.
Mother's day
If you'd like to celebrate mother's day, a bokeh of rainbow roses is perfect. This rose is a timeless symbol of triumph, rebirth, and freedom. Gifting this rose to your mother is a way to brighten her day and express your gratitude for her support.

Why choose us to deliver your Rose bouquet?

Double Jenya is a top online flower shop in Dubai. It offers a bunch of different rose flowers ideal for all kinds of occasions. Our primary focus is to help you communicate the right message to your loved ones with flowers and not the price of the flowers. If you choose us to deliver your roses, here are some of the benefits you get:
Fresh, natural roses
We guarantee the best quality and freshness when you get roses from us. Upon receiving your order, we harvest the flower fresh. And despite being fresh, our flowers are relatively cheap compared to other flower shops in Dubai.
Home delivery
When you buy a bouquet of roses from us, we can deliver it to your home address. Our home delivery service is one of the fastest in Dubai. As long as you place the order on time, you should be able to get in that same day. Our courier delivers the bouquet to your door.
Another reason we stand out is because of our creativity. When you buy a bouquet from us to send to someone, we do so in a creative way. Our floral designers beautifully arrange the flowers with a unique note carrying your special message.
Excellent customer service
Regarding customer service, we have the best in the industry. Our customer services are also available on weekends to take your orders. Even in cases where you place the order for your flower late at night, we prioritize it to get delivered early the next day.
Matching the color of your rose to the sentiment of the occasion shows that you are thoughtful with your gifts. Whether you want to get a posy or a bookey for your loved one, at Double Jenya flower shop, we can get it for you. Place an order for a flower today, and we'll consistently deliver it to your doorstep in time.
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