Flower Quality Guarantees

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Flower Quality Guarantees


We are always sincerely happy that we manage to make our clients joyful and happy, and we are very upset if our client is disappointed with our service for any reason. We believe that the client must be sure that he is protected from any situation when contacting our company, so we provide you with the following guarantees:

The freshest and most beautiful flowers will be used for bouquets, we will replace the bouquet otherwise;

If the recipient did not like the quality of the flowers, we will replace the bouquet with a new one. In the event that the inspection was made during the transfer of the bouquet, and not after some time.

Flowers will be delivered as soon as possible;

In case of any changes to the composition of the bouquet or the impossibility of delivering it, we will notify you in advance;

You can always change the data and composition of the order before it is assembled;

You can cancel the order and return the money before the start of the assembly of the bouquet;

You will receive a fresh and very beautiful bouquet.

We value our reputation and do our best to ensure that you always receive only the freshest and most beautiful flowers: the specialists of our company strictly monitor compliance with the terms and conditions of delivery, we monitor the implementation of temperature storage conditions, each delivery of flowers is sorted manually by florists. Until the flowers reach the client, we monitor their condition - from cutting and throughout the entire delivery period.

All our flower storage facilities are equipped with special climatic chambers. We treat each flower with care, preserving its freshness and beauty even in the most intense heat. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality of our flowers. To make the flowers last longer, follow the instructions for caring for the bouquet.


At any time, while we have not yet begun to collect a bouquet for delivery, you can change your order. To do this, you need to call and tell the manager what needs to be changed. We will be very grateful to you if you can notify us about the changes 12 hours before the moment when the bouquet should already be delivered. You can also make changes to an already collected order and to an order that is being delivered, but this will most likely increase the budget for your purchase.


In case of any disputable questions or dissatisfaction with the quality of flowers, call us within 2 hours from the moment of delivery. If the bouquet is of poor quality, please send an email to sentioncorp@gmail.com and attach a photo of the bouquet and a brief description of the situation. Our quality manager will contact you within 24 hours. Delivery of a new bouquet is made entirely at the expense of our company with the replacement of the old one.

What is a premium service?

100% guarantee
Either the best flowers or nothing
Only in the premium category, our couriers in a tuxedo and with a chic perfume
Delivery to the minute 24 hours 7 days a week
Photo and SMS reporting on every step
We appreciate your time
Minimum waiting time for checkout, 24/7 support, multiple communication options
The client's desire is the law
In addition, we will buy anything, from sweets in a particular store to the purchase and delivery of complex or bulky equipment
Photo-video shooting
During the presentation of a gift, the first emotions are important and, if desired, this moment will remain with you forever.
Design and concept
Flowers in a strict concept, huge sizes, the longest, most unusual flowers
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